Appointment Support



When people get older, or maybe start to see the beginnings of dementia or are quite simply feeling sick, going to the Doctor can be daunting for them and for the families trying to support them. We recognise this and offer a service to alleviate that worry.

Appointment Support is designed to provide a trusted listener. Someone who is very experienced and understands what the doctors, nurses or healthcare workers are talking about. If you have ever been to a doctor’s appointment and come away a little confused by what they had said? Or did you lack the confidence to question what you were told? We can help.

We have the experience and understanding to be able to support your visit. We know the questions to ask and can help you understand what you are being told either right there in the appointment or immediately after.

For those who are taking care of loved ones, whether Mum, Dad, Husband or Wife, we can support you. Even if you attend the appointment with the client, we can also support and help you to understand what is being said and more importantly the implications.

In order to make the appointment as seamless as possible, we have transport to get you and those you need with you to the appointment. The vehicle has a wheelchair lifter and access so we can take you even if your struggling with mobility.

Marion, our driver, is an ex nurse and carer, with over 30 years’ experience. So, she can pick you up from your home, help you into the vehicle with a level of support and understanding only a care giver can provide, then support you during your appointment before bringing you safely home. 

This means that even if you are in a wheelchair, or perhaps would prefer the assistance of a wheelchair if you’re not feeling well, we can help.

For those families who find it difficult to get time away from work but are concerned about their loved ones who may be a little confused and in need of some support while they attend the appointment, we can be that care giver. We can make sure the client feels comfortable and supported all the way through, even if it’s just us that's with them.

Marion has empathy and experience looking after those with dementia, and so we can provide a level of door to door support that means, if you need to, she can look after the client through their appointment, getting them there and back safely, comfortably and without concern if they need to take their time. We especially sympathise for those who are not feeling well and so the odd bout of nausea is not a problem, with good facilities in the vehicle, and understanding, right there.



How much does it cost;

First Hour $80 - This is to cover vehicle costs, noting that transport is included in your appointment support booking

Thereafter $40 per hour - Just in case things run late, or you need us for a bit longer than the appointment itself