Client / Healthcare Liaison




Core to our business is our ability to communicate effectively with the professionals that are providing the healthcare, health facility and sometimes complex requirements for you, or for your loved ones who have become incapacitated either through mobility issues or dementia.

We know that as you become older, it does not suddenly make you a medical expert and able to know the right questions to ask, or set your expectations on level of care, or how to make good decisions, with sound judgement, on many of the daily options that will be put in front of you.

With experience both as provider, and as advisor in this space, we would welcome the opportunity to help. When people get older, they may need to make difficult decisions that can be daunting even if in full health, how good would it be to have an experienced professional help you through this process. Someone who gets to know you, and your needs, who can then help you through those sometimes difficult conversations or can help with what options you have and ideas on how to make selections based on your actual needs.

This could look like any of the following;


Liaison; In its most simple form, making sure you communicate well with the various people involved in your care, from understanding your care package to having difficult conversations with that guy that just delivered the wrong wheelchair.


Nursing Home Selection; This is a very difficult and confronting time for everyone. Especially if it is the family who are trying to make sure they select the right facility for their loved one's specific needs. Nursing homes are all different, some are better suited for those who just need a community to live in, for basic support, some are specialist centres for those with Dementia and some are set up for high dependency care. We can provide help and advice on what to look for, and what questions to ask, based on your actual needs.


Nursing Home Visits; Did you know that it is quite ok for you to have someone act on your behalf when dealing with nursing homes? Or to provide some increased level of care for your loved ones if you so choose? Maybe you or your loved ones are in a nursing home, and you need an independent view on what is going well, and where things could maybe improve. Do you need some help with visits because family just cannot be there? All of this is possible and is not commonly known. You are not alone, we can help.


Healthcare Options; So you have been to see the specialist, or doctor, or physio, or you just know something needs some attention and you don't know how to ask or who should make the decisions. We are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice, but we can absolutely help you understand who you should speak to, and then help decipher the sometimes complex answers you get. We can certainly help put together a history that any healthcare giver can then use to make better options available, whether it be changes to a bathroom through an Occupational Therapist, or better choices for mobility equipment, to knowing when a specialist doctor should be consulted.


Care Support; There are any number of care givers that can provide community or nursing home based care facility. Knowing if they are actually providing a good service, or instead are just ticking the boxes, can make the difference between being happy and comfortable or frightened and unsure. We can help you understand the questions to ask, set expectations early and if necessary, help you choose a care giver by being your representative.


Pharmacy Instructions; The Doctor has prescribed a few medications and given some instructions on what should be taken when. You know he told you what to do but it can be difficult to put these instructions into action. We can help you put the processes in place, and make sure your pharmacist knows what is going on so they can correctly put together the "Webster Pack" which is a way of making sure the right medications are dispensed at the right time.


How much does it cost;

$45 per hour - We come to you, or we visit the facilities you need us to liaise with, we charge hourly to give flexibility